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KIA infant and Preschool Philosophy

We believe that at preschool children learn best through hands-on exploration and play.

Play develops qualities such as empathy, flexibility, communication and capacity to collaborate which children need to lead happy, fulfilled lives.

KIA Core values

Our core values of respect, responsibility, compassion, cooperation, honesty, are the foundation of our community and curriculum. We seek to instill a strong sense of empathy in every child—with the people that they interact with every day. Our daily and weekly routines are designed to live and learn together as a community.

KIA Nursery/preschool program

Our teaching approach is rooted in social constructivist theories — such as those from Montessori and Waldorf — that encourage children as individuals to explore, investigate and manipulate objects and ideas. Our program successfully combines the theory of multiple intelligences of Howard Gardner. Alongside more traditional learning domains such as language, early literacy, physical development, mathematics, and science, we engage our children daily with culture and diversity and by helping them understand their sense of self and fostering social and emotional skills. Our goal is to nurture young people to learn for themselves, about themselves, and empathize with others.

Connected community

Learning and development is part of life that goes beyond the hours of a class, or the walls of a school. We understand the fundamental importance of building close, collaborative, relationships between parents and teachers. It’s vital to us that parents feel a part of their child’s development, so we have built regular contact and meaningful interaction between teachers and parents as a core pillar of our practice. The parent is the child’s most influential teacher, and we believe that KIA should be a natural extension of the home. We understand parents’ needs and strive to offer total flexibility to support them as best we can, ensuring KIA fits in their family lives. Our goal is to build a diverse and secure learning community for the children in our care.

School Features


Smart KIDs is certificated according to World School Standards and was awarded by School Associate


Kids study all school subjects according to their interests and talents.


In our lessons we use high-quality equipment for creating a learning environment for our pupils


The outdoors is equipped with a sports ground, a park area, streetlights and security cameras.


Our educational process is based on a game method, we provide our lessons with funny active games.


We are interested in developing the social activity of our students, so we hold many events for our kids.

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Outdoor Activities
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Frequently Asked Questions

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